Good Corporate Governance Policy

Masterpiece Hospital Public Company Limited (the "Company") always emphasizes the importance of good corporate governance as a significant factor that can help business operations be efficiently aligned with and sustainable growth. This can lead to the utmost benefit to all stakeholders from employees, investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders with care and integrity, under business ethical values. Therefore, the Board of Directors has agreed that there should be a better corporate governance policy covering the main principles, from the structure, roles, duties, and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, to the principles of management of the executives, with transparency that can be examined obviously and fairly. These can be guidelines for the management of the organization, ensuring that any operation of the Company is done with fairness and taking into account the interests of shareholders and all stakeholders for the highest benefit.


Business Ethics and Code of Conduct

Under intense business competition, to drive the Company success and maintain competitiveness in business operations, the Company therefore focuses not only on the success of the business, but also takes into account the processes that affect the success of the business in all dimensions. The Company is always aware of the ethics and code of conduct of personnel, which are important bases for supporting and elevating good corporate governance to enable business success and growth steadily and sustainably, as well as supporting the Company to achieve the objectives of business operations.



Charter of the Board of Directors
Charter of Audit Committee
Charter of Executive Committee
Charter of Risk Management Committee
Charter of Internal Audit Charter
Charter of Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Roles and Responsibilities of The Chief Executive Officer
Roles and Responsibilities of The Chief Financial Officer
Roles and Responsibilities of The Company Secretary

Other Policies

Investment Policy in Subsidiaries and Associated
Operational Governance Policy of Subsidiaries and Associated
Dividend Payment Policy and Subsidiaries
Corporate Governance Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Anti-Corruption Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy
Risk Management Policy
Social Responsibility Policy
Succession Plan Policy
Communication and Disclosure Policy
Information Technology Security Control Policy
Sustainable Development Policy
Related Party Transactions Policy
Personal Data Protection Policy