Dividend Policy of The Company

The Company has a policy to pay a dividend of not less than 50% of the net profit from the Company's Separate financial statements after corporate income tax deduction and allocation of all types of reserve funds specified in the laws and regulations of the company.

However, the said dividend payment may be changed from the specified amount depending on necessity. and other suitability as the Board of Directors deems appropriate by taking into account various factors mainly for the benefit of shareholders, such as economic conditions, operating results, and financial status of the Company, financial liquidity; cash flow; reserves for business management; business expansion; and future investment. Though, reserve money for repayment of loans or working capital within the company as well as conditions and limitations as specified in the loan agreement and the dividend payment does not affect the common operations of the company significantly.

BOD’s Resolution Date X-Date Dividend Type Payment Date Dividend (Baht/Share) Operation Period
22/02/24 19/03/24 Cash Dividend 09/05/24 0.01429 01/01/23 - 31/06/23
Common shares 09/05/24 1.00 : 0.142857142857 01/01/23 - 31/06/23
15/08/23 29/08/23 Cash Dividend 16/10/23 0.0111
Common shares 16/10/23 10:01
27/02/23 15/03/23 Cash Dividend 19/05/23 0.30 01/01/22 - 31/12/22