Master Style Public Company Limited ("the Company" or "Hospital" or "MASTER") was registered on July 24, 2013 as an entrepreneur of cosmetic surgery hospitals under the name "Masterpiece Hospital", which was founded by Dr. Raweewat Maschamadol. The hospital provides a full range of surgical services by a team of specialized and experienced specialists who are widely accepted in the field of surgery such as rhinoplasty, eyebrow lift and face contouring surgery, breast surgery, liposuction and reshaping surgery, eye surgery, facial restructuring surgery, etc., including hair transplants and hair treatment, as well as skin care and laser treatments with the modern medical technology and techniques. At the present, Masterpiece Hospital has 41 doctors, 533 personnel, and a service area of 4,267 square meters.

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Information as of 31 December 2023

Our services and product sales can be divided into 4 parts as follows